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More about Adele Connell:
Sister Adele Connell Young has returned (in 2015) from serving in the Washington DC North Mission as special assistant to President Peter S. Cooke. In the fall of 2016, she married Robert Young in the Salt Lake Temple. They make their home in Utah and Wyoming. Adele has a PhD in Organizational Communication, is a published author and has served in the US Army for 37 years. Most importantly, she is the mother of four children and grandmother of four grandchildren. Being a "mom" and "grandmom" is the most important part of her life and her most-prized gift from God.
Song background:

The Savior often called Himself "The Good Shepherd".  It uses the well-known image of our Savior as our shepherd.  The hymn praises Jesus, Our Shepherd who loves and cares for us.  The hymn is written and appropriate for children, youth and adults.

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Lyrics: VERSE ONE: <br/>He is the way, God's perfect precious Son. <br/>I love His gift and what it means to me. <br/>I'll follow Him on paths I do not know. <br/>He is my friend, my helper and my guide. <br/>CHORUS: <br/>The Savior is my shepherd who loves and cares for me. <br/>As I repent and do His will, I'll live with Him again. <br/>SECOND VERSE: <br/>He showed His love in how He lived His life. <br/>I learn of Him by how He taught the truth. <br/>He loves our God, the Father of us all. <br/>He did God's will and gave His life for me. <br/>CHORUS: <br/>The Savior is my Shepherd who loves and cares for me. <br/>As I repent and do His will, I'll live with Him again. <br/>I'll live with Him again. <br/> <br/>
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