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From Rain Jeppson: Reed, please tell Larry how truly grateful I am for the time he took to transcribe this. As you know my father played by ear and to have something he played written out is truly a treasure and a gem to me. Thank you!
5.0 stars.

More about Dean Reed Guymon:
Trumpet; BS from BYU; Electrical Contractor; Master Electrician. At times melodies have come easily. One song was played on an Orem radio station for awhile. At 3 funerals and 2 sacrament meetings, Mother's Song was sung. Babe Of Light was sung in two sacrament meetings and at a stake "choirside." Mostly, my music has remained dormant for years. It may be printed for non-commercial, home, church and incidental use. However, all rights are reserved.
Song background:

I composed this song for my Mother, and Randy Crossette created this excellent piano arrangement.  We have enjoyed this song over the years.  Randy and I did this recording in his music studio in about 1987.   Also, in about 1987 Winnie, my Mother, was in the Sacrament Meeting where Randy and I presented this song on Mother's Day, with a normal piano accompaniment.  With excellent piano accompanist's, I sang this song at four funerals years ago.  To get this song on paper, In 1987, Larry Dunning transcribed the cassette audio, which resulted in the attached sheet music.  I am 83 years old now.   


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