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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Plan of Salvation/Premortal Life
Second Coming/Millenium

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Song background:

This new hymn was inspired by Jeffrey R. Holland's general conference address in April, 2017, "Songs Sung and Unsung."

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Lyrics: Long ago, as Earth’s foundations were laid, <br/>When together sang the morning stars, <br/>When shouted for joy the sons of God, <br/>At the dawn of creation, we sang in the choir. <br/> <br/>When the angels sang glad tidings of joy, <br/>With the heav’nly host, our voices aspired. <br/>When Mary brought forth her firstborn son, <br/>At the birth of our Savior, we sang in the choir. <br/> <br/>For a few short years we live here on Earth <br/>To fulfill God’s plan. With earnest desire <br/>We follow the path He set before birth. <br/>In our trials and triumphs, we sing in the choir. <br/> <br/>There’s a place for all in God’s holy choir, <br/>Even all who seek the Spirit’s fire. <br/>Disciples of Christ in word and deed, <br/>As we love one another, we sing in the choir. <br/> <br/>In a hastened hour, our Lord will descend, <br/>In His pow’r and glory, red in attire, <br/>To rule and to reign a thousand years. <br/>In millennial splendor we’ll sing in the choir. <br/> <br/>Chorus <br/>Our voices we raise in praise to God <br/>As we strive to follow His Son. <br/>We sing the song of redeeming love <br/>And with the saints are one. <br/>
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