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More about Mandi Miller:
I am a wife and a mother of four boys, and I have a love for music and harmony. It has brought me much joy, peace, and comfort throughout my life. My hope is that my music will be sung and enjoyed in much the same way!
Song background:

While visiting Sequoia National Park with family, I was impressed with the size of the giant sequoia trees. I contemplated whether I could be as spectacular a person as this tree was in the realm of trees. came to a realization that while sequoia trees are undoubtedly majestic and inspiring, their beauty does not take away from the beauty of each of the other plants there. Each is different as each of us are. I was touched as I thought of the many people in my life, and their stories of love/care, testimony/courage, strength/perseverance, and friendship/good will. Sometimes we may need to look closely before we realize just how special we as individuals are and what we have to give. We were all made by the same creator with the same ultimate goals in mind: to learn, to help others, and to return to live with Him. How beautiful life becomes when we share His love with each other. I think God wants us to know how much we matter to him. Much thought, prayer, and study of the scriptures were done to write this song. Some of the wording of this song comes from these scriptures: Doctrine and Covenants 18:10-13 Isaiah 13:12  Psalms 19:10 Matthew 5:16

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