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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Stacey Oakes!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SAT, SATB, SSAT, SATB quartet

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More about Stacey Oakes:
Stacey has been writing and performing music for over 30 years and plays instruments like piano, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, ukulele, and banjo! She has performed across the intermountain west and has recorded in Nashville. Stacey is happy to take requests for arrangements and new songs.
Song background:

This SATB arrangment of "Love One Another" (also known as "As I Have Loved You") is easily modified to SAT if you're short on men.

The arrangement tries to emphasize the main concepts in the song. For example, it combines a melodic answering to the questions, "How will men know ye are disciples" with the statement "if ye have love".

Let me know how you use it and if you want adjustments to the arrangement! Are you looking for a new children's arrangement of the song? Let me know and I'll write one up based on how many people need certain arrangements!

Love One Another (by Stacey Oakes)

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