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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Rachel Mohlman!

Voicing/Instrumentation: Duet

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Plan of Salvation/Premortal Life

Comments for this piece:
From Christina: Thank-you so much for sharing your amazing talent.
5.0 stars.

From Julie B: Wow!! This arrangement is so beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing! You are so blessed to have that talent that I so wish I had!
5.0 stars.

From Bonnie: I just sang this as a duet at a convert's baptism this past week. This is a beautiful arrangement! There is something about the ending that didn't quite work for us, but we loved singing this piece! Suggested to have two singers who can hold their own during the offset section. Rachel succeeded in making this piece interesting throughout, even with an expected, well-known melody. THANK YOU!!!!
5.0 stars.

From Amanda Haselden: Does anyone have an mp3 or other audio recording of this arrangement?

From Becky: I chose this song for a couple of teenagers at my church that wanted to do a duet together. While it was a bit difficult for them at first, they stuck with it and it turned out so beautifully! Thank you for this arrangement!
5.0 stars.

From judy: Thank you for the free download I am using it in the background of a painting I am doing.
5.0 stars.

More about Rachel Mohlman:
Rachel Pettit Mohlman has always loved music. She started writing music as a pre-teen and continues to spend her spare time writing, arranging, playing and performing. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Music Education with a choral emphasis. She enjoys being a full-time wife and mother (which is why sometimes the music comes slowly. . . where's all that spare time she mentioned?) Don't worry, there will be more coming! Anna Mohlman Molgard graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Music with an emphasis in Media Music. She enjoys working in many aspects of the music business, particularly creating new works. Inspired by requests for various pieces, she founded Faithsong Publications LLC to provide well-crafted music written for sacred use. She has a gift for listening to the Spirit and strives to allow the Lord to guide her in using her talents to build His kingdom. To read more of Anna's work, visit her blogs: http://mygoodreport.blogspot.com/ http://www.praiseworthywords.blogspot.com/
Song background:

I wrote this duet as a gift for my hubby (to sing with me), but it is suitable for any number of voice combinations. This arrangement isn't set in a style I usually write, but I was inspired by another beautiful piece to try my hand at something different.
It was so fun writing in this style!

I was excited to find all the lyrics to the original "Amazing Grace." They are beautiful. I hope you enjoy this one as much as we do.

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