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Voicing/Instrumentation: 2 part choir, Duet, Primary Children/Primary Solo

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More about Shaillé Claypool:
I am a mom with five children. In my "spare time" I enjoy writing songs. I love the gift of music and believe it can have so much influence for good. All my sheet music is available for free download on my website: claypoolmusic.org
Song background:

I write a song for each of my children and this song is for my son Tyler.  At 3 years old he is already a very loving little boy.  As an example, one day he asked if his nursery teacher was feeling better.  I didn't even know but found out later she had hurt her back playing tennis!  What 3 year old thinks of his nursery teacher in the middle of the week and wants to know if she is doing better?!  He has been given the gift of charity and is filled with love for others.  I knew his song should be about love - about seeking for and sharing the love of Christ with all those around us.

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Lyrics: There is a love, the greatest love, <br/>The love of Christ, from God above. <br/>If we ask God, for this great love, <br/>We'll be filled with love to share with all we see. <br/> <br/>You are loved, more than you know. <br/>You are loved, anywhere you go. <br/>You are loved, by Father up above, <br/>And I hope you can see, you are loved by me. <br/> <br/>When our paths cross, you will know that you are loved. <br/> <br/>
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