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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, SATB quartet

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More about Kenneth R Hardman:
Kenneth R Hardman is a singer songwriter, engineer, father of eight, guitar player, writer, and believer in Jesus Christ.
Song background:

This is a funeral hymn based on a poem written at the funeral of a relative. It addresses our feelings when we attend a funeral not knowing just how to feel or what to say. As the funeral progresses, God's mercy is felt and His Spirit draws us in. We imagine seeing through heavens door and ancestors there who surround our recent lossed relative and Jesus who mends and heals.

The music is composed by my daughter, Bonnie Corral

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Lyrics: 1.When loss is ours as loved one's pass, we gather and we pray.
My heart knows not just how to feel, I know not what to say.
I cannot see beyond this room, my view is dark and dim.
And then a tender mercy's given, God's Spirit draws me in.
2.Like morning dawn the light grows slow, with power bids me come.
My heart, my mind, through heaven's door, I feel a sense of home.
I see a smile, the Spirit guides, and then I see their face;
Father, mother, sister, son, together they embrace.
3.I wipe a tear, then two and three, the tender mercy grows.
My ancestors from long before surround my dear one so.
And Jesus, yes, our Life and Light is there to mend and heal;
I see it now, my loss will end, In Christ I know it's real.
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