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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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More about Craig M Moore:
Music is an avocation: piano at 8, F Horn at 12, Trumpet at 16, school and church choirs and small group singing from 12. BA in Music and BBA in Finance from Boise State 1982 - make my living as bank lawyer. Held numerous church music callings, occasionally writing simple arrangements, such as adding a flute or cello part to a choir number. In 2014, began to have neurological issues affecting my hands and feet, making accompanying on piano or organ more difficult - diagnosed with MS in 2015. As my motor skills decline, I have felt to channel more of my music interests into writing religious music, starting with hymns and children's music. No promises how often I will write something, but with the new hymnal and children's songbook being announced, I plan to make multiple submissions.
Song background:

When Cecil Frances Alexander wrote the lyrics to There Is a Green Hill Far Away, it was the mid-1800s and she was the wife of an Anglican minister. I like her hymn, yet felt the desire to write a new musical setting, and to make some minor updates to the lyrics from both a usage and doctrinal standpoint. Only a few words are changed in each verse, so the message remains substantially similar to the original.

The music is all new. When my wife learned I was working on this arrangement, she asked me if I was trying to ruin one of her favorite hymns! (Of course not.) I asked her to listen to it, and she liked it! I hope you do, too. (The Church Permissions Department has also provided a non-objection letter.)

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