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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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Song background:

President Russel M Nelson has spoken often about the importance of being a peacemaker and bringing greater peace and love into the world. Mormon spoke to his people in the same vein when he said he knew they were followers of Christ by "their peaceable walk with the children of men" (Moroni 7:4). We can help bring light to the world as we try to spread peace and charity to those around us. 

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Lyrics: Verse 1 <br/>The Savior showed others compassion and love, <br/>Always leading the people to Father above. <br/>Even when they betray'd Him for malice and greed <br/>He answer'd with mercy and helped those in need. <br/>I can be like my Savior and show who I am <br/>By my peaceable walk with the children of man. <br/> <br/>Chorus <br/> <br/>I'll peaceably walk with the children of men. <br/>I'll help out a neighbor and be a good friend. <br/>I'll follow my Savior in all that I do. <br/>I promise my whole lifetime through to peaceably walk. <br/> <br/>Verse 2 <br/> <br/>I will stand as a witness to all that I know. <br/>I will help understanding and tolerance grow. <br/>When the world feels unkind I'll show kindness to all. <br/>I'll lift others up ev'ry time that they fall. <br/>I can be like my Savior and show who I am <br/>By my peaceable walk with the children of man. <br/> <br/>Chorus
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