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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Marika Lee!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SA, SSA, SSATB, Oboe

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More about Marika Lee:
Marika Connole was born in Germany to American and Swedish parents. During the 20+ years Marika has been homeschooling her children, she has crafted dozens of educational products, composed and arranged hundreds of pieces of music, published books for or about children, frugality, childbirth, humor, and cooking. Marika enjoys reading, cooking, playing piano, organizing and DIY projects. With her husband, Kevin Lee, she founded www.completeleefamily.com to help strengthen families and individuals through life’s journey. Although she tends to shy away from limelight, Marika has been a keynote speaker, convention speaker, held workshops and seminars, and taught a many classes to children and/or adults.
Song background:

This song is an arrangement of the popular hymn "Love One Another" in combination with an original song "Ye Have Done it Unto Me".  If you think about it, how is it that we love one another if not in the manner described in Matthew 25:34-40.  "When saw we Thee...?" this question is asked in the scripture verses and in the song.  It is the perfect set of scriptures to go with the message of "Love One Another".  

As requested, I had been writing some music for a Stake Relief Society program centered around the theme of "Our Elect Legacy".   Somewhere over the course of the writings of that music, our Stake Relief Society president asked for suggestions for one more song to be sung on the program.  I offered her some suggestions, including an arrangement I had done of Love One Another coupled with Ye Have Done It Unto Me.   She felt like that fit perfectly where she needed it in the program. Since I had originally written this piece for men and women to sing, I rearranged it so that it would be suitable for five women to sing instead of being SSATB.  I also added an oboe part to make use of the instruments available to me.  

This song had actually been quite a challenge at the time I wrote it months before.  The challenge wasn't in the writing thereof.   It was written in a very short amount of time.  It just came almost in lightning bolt fashion.  However, Love One Another is a copyrighted song.  I tracked down the copyright owner only to discover that ownership had been turned back to the Church in the middle of my permission seeking.  So, I finally got the copyright permission back from the Church.  It is pretty amazing to realize that this all happened months before I was ever asked to write anything for the stake program.  If I hadn’t gotten the permission back then, the song couldn’t have been used without that copyright permission!

Later this song went on to earn an Honorable Mention in the annual Church Music Contest.  

This song is available in SSA + SA or SSA + TB versions.  It is accompanied by the piano and has an optional oboe part.  (To keep the oboe from being too loud in comparison to the singers, our oboe player actually sat down on the floor a good distance behind the five singers.  It would probably be fine with a full choir.  Alternatively, one could use a flute.)

*Please excuse the horrible quality computerized .mp3 that I included on this page.  I thought it might be somewhat helpful to some.  If you want something nice to listen to, I recommend learning the song and recording your group singing it.  ;)

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