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More about Dean Reed Guymon:
Trumpet; BS from BYU; Electrical Contractor; Master Electrician. At times melodies have come easily. One song was played on an Orem radio station for awhile. At 3 funerals and 2 sacrament meetings, Mother's Song was sung. Babe Of Light was sung in two sacrament meetings and at a stake "choirside." Mostly, my music has remained dormant for years. It may be printed for non-commercial, home, church and incidental use. However, all rights are reserved.
Song background:

This song is mainly for children and youth.  Caleb has made this special arrangement.  He gave me suggestions on how to organize the melodies so that the song flowed well and he altered the last two measures of melody to make it blend with his arrangement.  The coversion site: http://solmire.com, does not covert this .mid file properly, so I have left it as a .mid file.

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