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Voicing/Instrumentation: Piano Solo

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Eternal Life/Exaltation
Trust in God

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More about Matt Astle:
Matt Astle currently lives in Sammamish, Washington (just outside Seattle) with his wife and four daughters. He's on his third or fourth stint as a ward choir director (who can keep count?), and enjoys arranging music for them. He's been a musician from a very early age, and has sung with the Mormon Choir of Washington DC; his law school a cappella group, the Scales of Justice; and currently with the Northwest Sound, a championship-level barbershop chorus. Many of his most powerful spiritual experiences have a musical element to them.
Song background:

In early 2012, my wife and I were expecting our fourth daughter.  There were complications with the pregnancy, and we were told in no uncertain terms that the baby would be stillborn.  While we waited for the inevitable, we prayed for comfort and peace.  I turned to music to help me get through it, and arranged this piano solo of "Be Still My Soul," while contemplating all five of the original verses (look them up on the Internet).  We kept waiting and praying and waiting and praying, and meanwhile our baby kept fighting.  As I write this, Kate is two and a half years old, and in perfect health.  She's our miracle.  As a result, this song has become, for me, a testament of the power of prayer, both to comfort us in our trials and to provide miracles when the Lord wills it.

The first and third sections are styled after "Speigel im Spiegel" by the Estonian composer Arvo Part.

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