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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, SATB quartet

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Eternal Life/Exaltation
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Trust in God

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More about Donald Bugg:
Ward choir director and Primary music teacher. Veteran. Actor. Attorney. Father of six.
Song background:

An original hymn about accepting the Savior's love and atoning sacrifice, and inheriting Eternal Life.  The lyric is inspired by and based on a lyric by Charles Wesley.  https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/1000_Songs/Arise_my_soul_arise_(Charles_Wesley)

Nov 18, 2023:  I
'm sorry to say that after this hymn had been downloaded 57 times, I discovered a manuscript error, which has now been fixed.  

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Lyrics: Arise, my soul, cast off all guilt and fear! The Savior's love with banish every tear. Before the throne as Advocate he stands, my name engraven on his wounded hands. With cruel wounds received on Calvary, Himself he offers as a lamb for me. His pains atone for all the human race, And heal my soul with reconciling grace. Before the Mercy Seat he intercedes: By righteous blood and perfect love he pleads! Our Father hears the blest Anointed One, and grants forgiveness through his sinless Son. The Father's arms in love are opened wide And beckon all to gather by his side. With peaceful heart, beside him I draw nigh, A welcome child at home with God on high.
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