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Song background:

This was written for my daughter Haylie's baptism. She and I have had many sweet discussions about mistakes and grace and Heavenly Father's love. She seems to get it better than many of us adults. This song was meant to capture the bigger picture of our path here on earth.

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Lyrics: Our Father sent us here to Earth as part of His great plan <br/>A choice was made, a Savior sent to save us from our sins <br/>And in His great mercy and great love, I can return to live with Him above <br/>And though I make mistakes <br/> <br/>Chorus: <br/>I know I can try it again <br/>I know I am worth it to Him <br/>His gift to repent I cherish every day <br/>As I learn to walk His way. <br/> <br/>Verse 2 <br/>Each day I'm faced with choices and I want to do my best <br/>Today will be the day that I will finally have success! <br/>But then something happens and I fall <br/>Is it worth it to even try at all? <br/>Then as I seek His grace <br/> <br/>Chorus <br/> <br/>Bridge: <br/>Christ said, "Fear not, I have called you by my name." <br/>With Him I am redeemed! <br/> <br/>Verse 3 <br/>At times my soul may wander and my feet begin to stray <br/>The Savior ever beckons to me, showing me the way <br/>And as I turn back toward the light <br/>He helps me change and make it right <br/>How great the joy I feel! <br/> <br/>Chorus
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