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Voicing/Instrumentation: SA, 2 part choir, Duet, Young Women Voices

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More about Claire Chell:
I have always loved music, sacred music especially, even from a young age. I taught myself to play the piano using showtunes and the LDS Hymnbook and Children's Songbook. Janice Kapp Perry is my hero! Despite my love of music, I've always been terrified to perform and a few horrifying experiences in my early youth caused me to set aside playing the piano; I'd lost my love for it. Fast forward many years and I am now, with my husband, raising 3 gorgeous girlies, who like mama, also love music. We were fortunate enough to save a lot of money during the COVID19 pandemic due to not buying fuel for the cars, that we were able to afford a digital piano. I returned to teaching myself to play and I've been studying music theory alongside it. I then discovered music writing software! Now I thought maybe, just maybe, I could write a song. My second daughter's baptism was approaching and this seemed the perfect opportunity to try. God evidently thought so too because words and melody came to me as I was enjoying a swim one day soon after. My daughter and I even performed it at her baptism which was a huge deal for us, both being very shy performers. I have discovered an absolute love for writing music, and sharing it has been a way for me to share my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and connect with other people across the world. I have Instagram account if you’d like to follow my musical journey: clairechell_music
Song background:

My eldest daughter is in her last year in primary.  She has a huge heart, a heart that is easily overwhelmed by the demands already on her young life. Maybe you can relate? I certainly can. Its's in times like this that I think we need to remember who we are and Who is on or side and have confidence in Divine support and power.

I was ready to give up writing music. As much as I LOVE to write it, sharing it is a trauma haha! I was folding laundry one morning and I'd been pondering on President Nelson's reminder to the young adults: I am a child of God, I am a child of the covenant, I am a disciple of Christ.  Said daughter was playing a preogression of piano cords, and a melody struck my.  It was one of those experiences where heaven sends a loud and clear message.  I knew I had to write a song that touch on our identity and the 2024 youth theme: I Am A Disciple of Christ.

I dedicate this song to the young women of the Ipswich England Stake

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Lyrics: Who I Want To Be

The world, it talks so loud;
Competing voices all telling me who I should be.
I try to shut them out
And to remember my divine identity,
And who I chose to follow, and whose I am.

I'm a disciple of Christ,
A child of God, a child of the cov'nant.
I follow Jesus Christ
I know who I am and the Lord has put His trust in me.
His light I'll share with others.
Just like my Saviour is who I want to be.

The Spirit calls to me;
His gentle voice whispers, telling me who I could be.
I pray so desp’rately
For faith to rise up and to claim my destiny.
For Christ I choose to follow,
Through Him I'm free.

Sometimes I listen to those voices that say I'm not enough
And that I should just give up and give in.
But in such times of doubt and fear I
Feel my Saviour close by
Always by my side.

I am a disciple, a child of God,
And I've made promises with Him.
I follow Jesus, He is my Saviour.
He hears me.
He trusts me.

I'm a disciple of Christ,
A child of God, a child of the cov'nant.
I follow Jesus Christ.
I know who I am and the Lord has put His trust in me.
His light I'll share with others.
Just like my Saviour is who I want to be.
Who I'm meant to be.

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