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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to James Grant Jones!

Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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Heavenly Father
Plan of Salvation/Premortal Life

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More about James Grant Jones:
My testimony, family, and music have been the anchors throughout my life. I studied at BYU in the glorious 80's! I live and work in Southern Cal. I enjoy my beautiful wife and awesome nieces and nephews - seems they always want $'s and chocolate! I've enjoyed writing ballads for many years. I've recently tried my hand at a few original choral/hymn pieces and primary songs - a few of which are here. I get to see and feel the joy of kids as they first come to experience the beauty of music God has granted, as I teach piano in my spare time. I'm a long time ward organist and primary accompanist. Drop me a line if you see or feel something unique or discover where I could improve. Thanks! James
Song background:

Experience of Dad - as a 6-7 yr old he was standing in the back seat of the car taking a trip with mom and dad to a family event. He said he was staring at his hands and looking at himself in the rear view mirror. He asked out loud "what is this?" and "what am I?". His mom said his name was Jackie and that they were going to grandmas house. This was not what Dad meant.  He was asking himself, in essense, "what is this body?" and "who am I?".  This realization comes to all of us at some point.  God has given us His Son, Jesus Christ, to find out who we really are. This is a 3 verse song, nothing fancy, no big chorus or climax - Just the simple realization of who can witness to us of who we really are.

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