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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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More about Rebecca Belliston:
Rebecca Lund Belliston studied music and orchestration at Brigham Young University and Utah State University. She is the composer and arranger of over seventy religious and classical-style songs, including the bestselling original Christmas choral work, “For There’s a Savior Born.” Rebecca is also the author of six novels. She and her husband have five kids and live in Michigan.
Song background:

Original hymn written by Linda Day and Rebecca Belliston about the holiness of the temple. 

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Lyrics: We come unto thy house, O Lord. We turn our thoughts to thee. <br/>We pray that thou'd forgive our sins, and help us worthy be. <br/>We come to seek thy spirit, Lord. We leave the world behind. <br/>We long to feel thy peaceful calm, and thy sweet comfort find. <br/>And thy sweet comfort find. <br/> <br/>​We come to claim the blessings, Lord, that take us back to thee. <br/>We come to seal our kindred dead and join our family. <br/>We come that we might now go forth with spirits pledged anew. <br/>We feel our hearts filled with resolve, and vow thy work to do. <br/>And vow thy work to do.
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