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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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More about Rebecca Belliston:
Rebecca Lund Belliston has been writing songs since she was six, teaching piano since she was sixteen, and has a song stuck in her head at all times. As a lover of classical and religious music, she composes mostly for piano and vocal. In addition, Rebecca also writes romantic suspense novels. She and her husband have five children and live in the beautiful state of Michigan. Find her online at rebeccabelliston.com.
Song background:

Original hymn written by Linda Day and Rebecca Belliston about the holiness of the temple. 

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Lyrics: We come unto thy house, O Lord. We turn our thoughts to thee.
We pray that thou'd forgive our sins, and help us worthy be.
We come to seek thy spirit, Lord. We leave the world behind.
We long to feel thy peaceful calm, and thy sweet comfort find.
And thy sweet comfort find.

​We come to claim the blessings, Lord, that take us back to thee.
We come to seal our kindred dead and join our family.
We come that we might now go forth with spirits pledged anew.
We feel our hearts filled with resolve, and vow thy work to do.
And vow thy work to do.
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