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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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More about Jana Mendes:
My name is Jana Mendes. I am a former teacher turned stay at home mom from Sandy, Utah. I have always loved music, especially creating my own. I have done a lot with music in my church and personal life. One of my favorite callings has been serving as ward choir director. I have six children and a wonderful husband who are my best friends. If you use any of my music I would love to hear about it!
Song background:

In late 2018 I set out to write a new song for primary children. I wasn't sure what theme I wanted it to cover, but one day while doing dishes the chorus came to me piece by piece. I didn't originally attach the "gathering Israel" theme to it. I tried to come up with verses with various themes and nothing seemed to fit. Then one day while pondering President Russell M. Nelson's worldwide Youth Devotional "Hope of Israel" given June, 3, 2018, I realized this was supposed to be the theme of my song. After that realization the verses came easily. It was a beautiful experience. The first verse is about being willing to give our hearts and our time to the Lord. The second is about helping our family and friends along the covenant path, and the third is about doing work for those on the other side of the veil. There are optional words, "to help others grasp the rod," that can be used in the chorus during the second verse instead of the original "as I grasp the iron rod," or keep the chorus the same for all three verses to keep it simple.

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Lyrics: I've been called to join an army, the battalion of the Lord,
to help Him gather Israel, to share the truth restored.
I will give my heart, my time, my strength, my love.
He will give me joy, and great blessings from above.

I will have courage to stand up even when I stand alone.
With joy I'll share the gospel truths the spirit has made known.
For the Lord will give me power as I grasp the iron rod.
I will help Him gather Israel, build the kingdom of God.

My family, friends, and neighbors will need help along their way
to take steps toward heavenly Father and have faith to obey.
I will help them see the joy the gospel brings
And invite them to come to know the King of Kings.


There are thousands waiting on the other side
to make eternal covenants that I could help provide.
I will seek names and of my family,
Seal them in the temple for eternity.

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