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More about Kate Haderlie:
Kate Haderlie graduated with a degree in Music and Theater from BYU-Idaho. Her compositions range from solo voice and choirs to musical theater productions.
Song background:

I wanted to create a piece about the temple that could grow with my children. There are very few children's songs about the temple, and fewer still that seem relevant as they mature into adults. "The House of the Lord" is simple yet elegant (with 2 countermelodies, similar to "A Child's Prayer", a song still meaningful to me as an adult) to appeal to children, youth, and adults alike. It is about what goes on inside the temple, the feelings we can feel there, and reasons we should go back again and again.

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Lyrics: In the House of the Lord all is quiet <br/>And the Spirit speaks peace to my soul <br/>There I learn of God's plan for his children <br/>With the keys that make families whole <br/>In the House of the Lord I find Jesus <br/>And the truths of his gospel restored <br/>I make promises there, pour my heart out in prayer <br/>I belong in the House of the Lord. <br/> <br/>God commanded us anciently <br/>To build temples to honor his name <br/>Now and for all eternity <br/>We are blessed when we follow his ways <br/>I can go to God's holy house <br/>If I ever feel lost or unsure <br/>And find answers to my questions <br/>There in the House of the Lord
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