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More about Susan Merry Ames:
Wife, Mother and Grandmother. Member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Private Vocal Coach Retired Education Director and Supervisor of Opera by Children at Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre,
Song background:

I composed this song in honor of my mother.  It is based upon a beautiful sonnet by William Wordsworth - Mother's favorite poet - that was quoted at her funeral in 1995.

"MAN'S life is like a Sparrow, mighty King!
          "That--while at banquet with your Chiefs you sit
          "Housed near a blazing fire--is seen to flit
          "Safe from the wintry tempest. Fluttering,
          "Here did it enter; there, on hasty wing,
          "Flies out, and passes on from cold to cold;
          "But whence it came we know not, nor behold
          "Whither it goes. Even such, that transient Thing,
          "The human Soul; not utterly unknown
          "While in the Body lodged, her warm abode;                  10
          "But from what world She came, what woe or weal
          "On her departure waits, no tongue hath shown;
          "This mystery if the Stranger can reveal,
          "His be a welcome cordially bestowed!"


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Lyrics: Swallow, beautiful swallow, spread your wings and fly. Lift your eyes to the horizon..take flight!
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