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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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More about Christine (Burnett) Hadlock:
Sometime after the age of 6, which is when I started piano lessons, I remember wishing I knew which keys sounded good together. I didn’t want to be tied down to play only what other composers had written. I wanted to play how I felt. A few years later, I began learning scales in the Circle of Fifths as part of my junior high percussion class. That experience gave me the basics of music theory, but it wasn’t until I was a freshman in high school that I began writing music. Then, one evening my dad stopped to listen to me play the piano. He asked the name of the song. I sheepishly told him it didn’t have a name; it was just something I’d made up. He was amazed and immediately insisted I try out for the high school talent show. He even offered to give me a Boom Box if I made it. (I have a great dad!) I was flattered and excited and agreed. A few weeks later I played Dreamer’s Sonata–which wasn’t a sonata at all–for a large crowd of mostly strangers in my high school auditorium. Performing under the lights was quite a thrill, but getting a tearful hug from my big sister afterward, hearing my mom describe awed nearby audience reactions, and then winning First Place Overall as a freshman was absolutely amazing! It was all I needed. I was a composer. And I continue to be a composer. I’m not sure I could stop if I tried. It is a beautiful experience to create something that wasn’t there before.
Song background:

This delightful, energetic song will motivate children (and their parents) to appreciate the Sabbath day.

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Lyrics: 1. <br/>Long, long ago when the Earth was created <br/>God hallowed the seventh day. <br/>And since that time, <br/>It’s been a sign <br/>For those that love the Lord <br/>To honor the Sabbath day <br/>To gather with the saints and pray <br/>And He promises <br/>The fullness of the Earth will be ours. <br/> <br/>Chorus <br/>The Sabbath is a delight, <br/>A day so clean and bright. <br/>The Sabbath is God’s gift to us <br/>Who hunger and thirst after righteousness <br/>That we may be filled, <br/>Our joy be full, <br/>And we may know that He is our God. <br/> <br/>2. <br/>Not long ago I was baptized, I was made clean, <br/>Willing to walk God's way <br/>I know it's true <br/>I can renew <br/>That covenant each Sabbath day, <br/>And be just as clean as I was then, <br/>By partaking of the Sacrament. <br/>I am pure once more. <br/>My heart is filled with love from the Lord. <br/> <br/>Chorus <br/> <br/>3. <br/>Each Sabbath day I hear stories I love so dear, <br/>Stories of Jesus Christ. <br/>I hear His voice, <br/>I’ve made my choice: <br/>Forever I will follow Him. <br/>On the Sabbath I’m with family, <br/>And we focus on our family tree. <br/>As we search and find <br/>We are all blessed eternally. <br/> <br/>Chorus
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