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Savior/Jesus Christ

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More about Brian D. Petersen:
A veteran choral and vocal music educator with more than 37 years of teaching experience in both Idaho and Utah, Brian D. Petersen is past choir director at Bear River High School in Garland, UT. He retired from teaching in 2018 and continues to offer his talents as director of the Bear River Valley Chorale and as a member of the American Festival Chorus. He is an active composer and arranger of music for voice, choir, and instrumental. He is a former member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in secondary music education from Utah State University. Brian and his wife Carol are parents to seven daughters and grandparents to fourteen. They are involved in a long-term fruit and nut tree research project with the College of Agriculture at Utah State University.
Song background:

In reference to the Savior as the "Good Shepherd," I wrote this solo several years ago while studying the book of John, specifically in chapter 10, in the New Testament. This song can be sung with reverent reference to the Savior and his atoning sacrifice in sacrament meetings or other church services. 

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Lyrics: The Lord is my Shepherd, the Good Shepherd.
And He knows His sheep, and they know His voice.
As the shepherd to his lambs is known, they are known and loved by their master.
And he layeth down his life for the sheep; He layeth down His life for the sheep.
The Lord is my Shepherd; I am numbered in His fold; And He giveth unto us eternal life.
The Lord is my Shepherd; no want shall I know.
And He layeth down His life for us all!
The Lord is my Shepherd; As His sheep, I'll follow Him!
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