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Voicing/Instrumentation: SSAA

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More about Betsy Bailey:
I grew up in a very musical family. Everyone sang and played instruments. Because of my father's work, we had the opportunity to live in many places across the USA. My dad said that this was our chance to help build the kingdom in many places. In each area my mother made sure there were quality ward and stake choirs and we sang on many, many programs as a family. After earning a Music degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from BYU, I set off into the world with my new husband to do as I had been trained -- to build up the kingdom wherever we went. Seven children and many adventures later, I looked back and discovered that I had become a composer. After many years of teaching lessons and accompanying and directing church and community choirs and children's theater, I discovered that I had amassed quite a stack of works suited for the various groups and solo performers I had worked with over the years. I have two books of Solo songs The Praiseworthy Singer Vol. 14 and 15, and eight choral pieces currently published through Jackman Music. Others of my original songs and arrangements have placed in the Church Music Submissions contest over the years. I am pleased to share a few samples of my work on this site.
Song background:

One year, the theme of summer Girl's Camp was "Light."  The girls in the different wards decorated their tents and camp areas with their chosen sub-themes - any type of light from candles to lighthouses to Christmas lights.  The Youth Leaders wanted a song that they could sing when they made their rounds to visit each ward to say goodnight.  This was the perfect songs for their beautiful, youthful voices.

      My four daughters and I have also enjoyed singing this arrangement for many different occasions.

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