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More about Danielle Williams:
AKA Danielle the Choir Pianist
Song background:

I wrote this one for my friend Marcia.

She is the salt of the earth. Period!

She loves the Lord and you can feel it anytime you're with her! It makes me want to be better. I'm terribly lucky to have her as a friend.

When her name came up, I asked for her favorite hymns and she sent them over pronto.
Reading over the list, I saw...THE ONE.
See, I've had this Christmas hymn mashup idea for AGES...but didn't feel like I could prioritize it over arrangements in honor of friends. So I left it alone.
Then I saw that Marcia had requested "The Day Dawn is Breaking."
I knew it was time.

I now present to you (Beautiful Bright) Silent Night.


  • What do I mean by "Juddsy"? Well, when I was first imagining the tune, I could easily imagine a mother-daughter duo singing it with just a guitar accompaniment. Of course, it didn't stay simple for long!
  • Dearest Fellow Alto: If you can stay awake for the first verse, I promise to reward you richly in verse 2 with a superstar twist!
  • That's a tenor saxophone you're hearing (for the alto part) in the the midi recording. Bring back the sax!
  • Thanks also to MuseScore for providing some AWESOME soundfonts, they make the music sound spectacular.

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