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More about Nathan Ashby:
I am an amateur musician that picked up the hobby of composing this year. My strongest instruments are plucked string instruments starting with the guitar followed by the mandolin and ukelee. I also play piano near the intermediate level. I've been working on some arrangements and even have some original songs I would like to share in the coming months.
Song background:

For those that served Spanish speaking missions, this is a favorite hymn. It roughly translates to "how pleasant it is to labor." It is a cheerful song about the joys of laborin in His service while also rejoicing in the day when we shall be reunited "Mas Alla" meaning "on the other side." I began plucking out some of my favorite hymns on the guitar a few weeks ago and this one came quite naturallly in the key of D. I have since added the mandolini and the ukele. I hope that ya'll enjoy it.

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