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Voicing/Instrumentation: Choir Unison

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More about Kathryn Latour:
I studied piano beginning at age 8 and my best skill is sight reading. I have had vocal instruction and have sung in church, university, and performance choirs since age 12. I received conducting training and subsequently led youth choirs, a semi professional adult choir, and a university choir. Because of the need for certain suitable music, I have had to arrange music for my choirs and have learned how to compose as a result. I still do a great deal of accompanying (on piano and organ) and leading choirs.
Song background:

Inspired by D&C 121.

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Lyrics: My son, <br/>Peace by unto thy soul. <br/>Thy sore afflictions shall be but a moment. <br/>Mine ear's inclined to thee. <br/>My heart is full for thee. <br/>My son, <br/>Peace be unto thy soul, <br/>And if thou do endure thy trials well, <br/>God shall exalt thee, exalt thee on high. <br/> <br/>My daughter, <br/>Thou art not yet as Job. <br/>Thy sufferings shall pass in just a moment. <br/>Know thou art in mine hands. <br/>I do remember thee. <br/>My child, <br/>Peace be unto thy soul, <br/>And if thou do endure thy trials well, <br/>God shall exalt thee, exalt thee on high. <br/> <br/>My bowels are full of compassion for thee.
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