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Voicing/Instrumentation: Cello Duet/Cello Ensemble Member(s), Instrument Ensemble, Violin Duet/Violin Ensemble Member(s)

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More about Lisa Rochelle Zuniga:
Multi-instrumentalist (piano, organ, flute, violin, guitar, ukulele, and all manner of percussion instruments and other randomness) as well as devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints <3
Song background:


I arranged this string trio in 2021 for a string ensemble while living in Germany where I learned to play violin. There is an awesome backstory to this arrangement that I hoped to share here.
So the idea for this arrangement started in the temple in Freiberg, Germany. Almost every time we attended the temple in Germany, we (English-speakers) needed to use headsets in order to hear the session "not in German." Well, as you are waiting for the session to begin, they would play a voice recording indicating which language channel you were listening to.. accompanied by a beautiful rendition of a string trio of Hymn No. 113, "Our Savior's Love."
However, as beautiful as this rendition was, it would cut off in the very center of the verse after about 19 seconds, pause, and then start over from the beginning with the words overlayed, "You are listening to the English language channel." I remember hearing it cut off the first time and becoming sad about it. But the second, third, fourth, and all subsequent times I heard the beautiful arrangement be cut short were just devastating. During and well after the session, I had that hymn stuck in my head, as if it were haunting me--wishing desperately for resolution or to be made complete.
Well, when I got home, I decided to write an arrangement for strings to fulfill and hopefully rid myself of this curse that was bestowed upon me in the temple that day! Haha. It didn't take me very long to do as the parts were heavily based on the written melodies and harmonies in the hymnbook along with a really pretty moving part in the viola for the last verse.
In fact, if you read the words to the hymn while listening to the arrangement, you will notice that the first verse speaks of the sun, perfect light, and eternal life. Each instrument plays its regular part: Soprano in the violin, Alto in the viola, and Tenor in the cello, the highest parts for each instrument.
The second verse speaks of whispers, loudness, anguish, and cries, but ultimately being bound to the Savior. I put the melody in the cello and had lower parts played in the violin/viola for this second verse to represent darker tones.
The third verse speaks of creation, sacrifice, and our hearts rejoicing. I got a sense of "completion" in the third verse and wanted to try to represent all four parts in the three instruments for this last verse. Violin returns to the melody, cello plays the bass part, and viola plays a beautiful running part in the center, between the alto and tenor voices.
There were so many miracles that happened when we first performed this arrangement in Germany one year ago today, but suffice it to say that Heavenly Father's timing is impeccable and that I am sincerely grateful to Him for letting me be a part of this tremendous work in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially through music.
So with the second performance with a separate string trio approaching, I had been sitting in the chapel of the temple awaiting the session to begin, praying that this musical number would go alright and that the Spirit of the hymn would be felt by those in attendance. 
Well as I was saying this heartfelt prayer, there in the chapel in the temple on Saturday, the organ (which had been playing quiet hymns as we waited to begin) began playing that hymn, "Our Savior's Love." My ears perked up, and I playfully joked in my head that I would not hear the end of that hymn played, considering my history of that particular hymn in the temple.
Well to my sincere delight, I heard that hymn played through the entire first verse, the entire second verse, and the entire third verse to its completion. I teared up knowing that the Lord was very much aware of me and of my sincere and heartfelt prayer at that very moment. 
I knew that He loved me and appreciated my efforts, however meager they may have been compared to His perfection and greatness. And I felt a sense of completion in being able to perform this arrangement a second time with dear friends.
I'm grateful for hymns that help us feel a closeness to the Savior that almost isn't felt in any other way. And I am grateful to my dear Heavenly Father for blessing me with every good and beautiful blessing to have been able to play this arrangement that day. 
I know our Savior lives, and I know He loves us with a perfect love, so dearly that He suffered, bled, and died for each one of us so that we could--through His eternal sacrifice--be made whole and return to the presence of God and receive eternal life. 
I know that there is no greater love than this, and I'm eternally grateful to my Savior for sharing this precious love for me and for each and every one of us. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
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