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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB quartet

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Missionary Work

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More about Laurie Atanasio:
I grew up on the East Coast of the United States. Served a mission in France. Married and have 9 children. My music is an expression of my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my devotion to His work. I hope that you find it uplifting and a source of spiritual strength.
Song background:

This song started out as a song about life's challenges and remaining faithful but, as I wrote, everything turned toward the Savior and His example in all that we do.  It ended up as a sacrament song thet, I hope, will have lasting and practical impact on our lives.

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Lyrics: Jesus, Our Lord <br/>Jesus, our Lord and hope of every nation, <br/>Hear us, we pray, in humble supplication. <br/>Save us from sin and worldly inclination, <br/>Through Thee salvation! <br/> <br/>As an unblemished lamb, Thine own self off’ring, <br/>Cov’ring the price for all our sins and suff’ring, <br/>Thy blood as rain our ransom was preparing, <br/>Our sorrows bearing! <br/> <br/>In dark of night, Thy friend’s embrace betrayed Thee. <br/>Hypocrites charged Thee. Justice they forbade Thee. <br/>Although mere mortal arms could not have stayed Thee, <br/>Humbly obeyed Thee! <br/> <br/>Nailed to a cross, in agony they showed Thee, <br/>Not knowing yet the gratitude they owed Thee. <br/>Proving Thy love, as glory overflowed Thee, <br/>Rescue bestowed Thee! <br/> <br/>For Thy return, we’re gratefully preparing. <br/>For the oppressed and lonely we are caring! <br/>Throughout the world, Thy gospel we are sharing, <br/>Thy love declaring! <br/>
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