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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Plan of Salvation/Premortal Life

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Song background:

A song I wrote to show my gratitude for so many beautiful blessings that I see all around me.
I recently added this MP3 for someone who wanted to learn this song for their choir. It's been a long time since I looked at this song, and I am a bit embarrased for the way that the sheet music looks. I probably won't redo it, but you'll have to figure out who is singing by the MP3. I apologize for this-- shows I've learned some things in the last 10 years! =)

In This Kingdom (by Lindy Kerby)

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Lyrics: In this kingdom, heavens beauty can be found. <br/>All around me colors of the rainbow paint the sky, <br/>Winter snows melting into forest streams, <br/>I have even seen His love in a tiny butterfly <br/> <br/>In this kingdom, I have freedom of religion, <br/>the right to make decisions, the agency to pray. <br/>I have hope, united with my family, <br/>eternally together we will live with Him someday. <br/> <br/>(Chorus) <br/>Oh how thankful are we <br/>to live in so precious a land, <br/>to be all that we can be, <br/>But more precious to me, <br/>more than life itself, <br/>is He atoned for me <br/> <br/>In this kingdom, He has shown me my way home <br/>taught by living scriptures and by prophet's words of love. <br/>If I prove faithful, and I do believe <br/>I'll receive His blessings in the kingdom up above. <br/> <br/>(Chorus) <br/> <br/>I thank thee from the bottom of my heart <br/>for the Mercy of thy plan, <br/>for the truth restored to man, <br/>So thankful for thy son, <br/>for all the things He's done <br/>Lord, I thank thee <br/> <br/>(Chorus)
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