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Voicing/Instrumentation: Young Men Voices, Young Women Voices, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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Youth/Young Men/Young Women

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More about Adrienne Foster Potter:
--Majored in Music Theory/Composition at U of U and BYU. Studied under Lowell Durham and Bro. Sardoni. --Wrote first song at age 16. --Plays guitar, sings, plays piano, bass, and organ. --Published first songs online in 1995. ----Have had songs performed in various wards and stakes around the country and for regional YA events. Writer, artist, and musician who likes to do projects involving all three of these venues. She has published 12 books on Amazon.com as well as many illustrated, free stories for kids at www.kidsread.info. Thirty Music videos at https://www.youtube.com/@Moods4U
Song background:

I love the stories of Jesus mingling with and teaching all the people around Him, and healing all those who were lame, blind, deaf, mute, or who had leprosy and other illnesses. I frequently tell myself stories about Him in my mind, and draw mental images of the event as it might have happened. I hope the Young Men/Young Women can draw closer to him through this song, as I have.

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Lyrics: 1st Verse: I picture Jesus in my mind, His work so perfectly in design. I see Him heal the little child, so strong in faith and yet so mild. I picture Him amid the crowd, speaking truths so firm and loud. I see Him take the leper's hand as illness heeds the Lord's command. <br/>Chorus: <br/>I know He'll come again, and walk the earth as He did then. When He comes the world will sing, my Savior, Lord, and King. <br/>2nd Verse: <br/>He made bold teachings bearable by speaking in a parable, that gently touched the hungry souls of people longing to be whole. And there He is upon the hill, many minds and mouths to fill, I see Him bless the loaves of bread and minds and bodies are well-fed. Chorus. <br/>3rd Verse: <br/>I picture Him amid the throng and with her following along He gently weaves through all of them just so that she can touch His hem. And there on stormy Galilee, I see Him walking on the sea. I see Him in the garden there, pouring out His heart in prayer. Chorus.
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