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Diligence/Commitment/Endure to End
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More about Amanda Mae Howe:
Amanda Mae Howe has been playing the piano since she was seven years old. She studied at Brigham Young University – Idaho where she received her BM in Piano Performance in 2023. She is now pursuing her MM in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma set to graduate in 2024. Amanda met her husband at BYU-Idaho in a piano pedagogy class and they are now excited to pass on their love of music when their first daughter is born later this year. Amanda is excited to start her career in music soon and appreciates all the support from friends and strangers alike who play the arrangements she creates.
Song background:

One slow day at work, I picked up a pen and piece of paper and wrote down some thoughts about the Plan of Salvation. Those word later turned into a poem, which turned into a song. This is my first time writing serious lyrics (lyrics that aren't about pillows, potatoes, etc.), and my first time writing an accompanyment to lyrics. I would love to hear any adivce/constructive criticism you have to help me improve. Thanks!

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Lyrics: My Father said, "I have a plan
To help you grow and learn.
I'll send you to a lovely place
I made for you called Earth.
You will have trials and stormy days.
Sometimes you'll feel alone.
But with my help you will succeed
And someday come back home."

As a child my parents teach
About my Father's plan.
I listen to it willingly;
I want to understand.
I feel my Father's love for me;
I know I'm not alone.
I hear His spirit say to me,
"Someday you'll come back home."

But then sometimes I push Him out.
He seems so far away.
The trials He had talked about
Surround me everyday.
I slip away; I just don't care.
I'm in this on my own.
But somewhere distant, calling me,
He says, "You'll make it home!"

Throughout the years I strive to learn
About my Father's plan.
I knew it once but now forgot.
It's time I knew again.
I search the scriptures day and night.
I ponder what I know.
Above my Father cheers me on.
He knows I'm coming home.

I've lived a life in truth and light.
I'm happy and content.
But now my Father calls me back
To judge the life I've spent.
I climb white stairs into a room.
He's waiting there, I know.
My Father says, "Well done my child;
You've made this place your home."
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