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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Song background:

I found this song in an old Christian hymnbook, and absolutely loved the words.  I wasn't thrilled with the music, so I wrote an entirely new setting to go along with it.

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Lyrics: Hark, the voice of Jesus calling, <br/>who will go and work today? <br/>Fields are ripe and harvests waiting, <br/>who will bear the sheaves away? <br/>Small and still His Spirit calls us, <br/>grand the gifts He offers free; <br/>who will answer gladly saying, <br/>Here am I, O Lord, send me? <br/> <br/>If you cannot cross the ocean, <br/>and the distant lands explore, <br/>you can find the lost around you, <br/>you can help them at your door. <br/>If you cannot give your thousands, <br/>you can give the widow's mite; <br/>and the least you do for Jesus, <br/>will be precious in His sight. <br/> <br/>If you cannot be the watchman, <br/>standing tall on Zion's wall, <br/>pointing out the path to heaven, <br/>off'ring life and peace to all, <br/>with your prayers and with your off'rings, <br/>you can do what heav'n demands; <br/>You can be like faithful Aaron, <br/>holding up the prophet's hands. <br/> <br/>Let none hear you idly saying, <br/>there is nothing I can do, <br/>while the lost of earth are dying, <br/>and the Master calls for you, <br/>Take the task He gives you gladly; <br/>let His work your pleasure be. <br/>Answer quickly when He calls you, <br/>Here am I, O Lord, send me.
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