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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Shari Orme!

Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo, Vocal Solo

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Comments for this piece:
From Amy: Beautiful song with a great message for each of us.
5.0 stars.

From Camille hammond: I am the primary chorister in my ward in Oregon and we are singing this song as part of our primary program this year. Today as we were singing and we were singing with rhythm sticks so it wasn’t particularly quiet, a nine-year-old boy raised his hand and told us that while we were singing the second verse heavenly father pricked his heart. We were able to talk about how that was the Holy Ghost testifying to him that the words are true and that heavenly father really does have a plan for him. When he was leaving to go to class a few minutes later he said it happened again when we sang it again. I told him that that is a beautiful thing the Holy Ghost can testify to us that the words are true every time we see it. Thanks for this beautiful song!
5.0 stars.

Song background:

Though I can't claim the beautiful inspiration behind the lyrics of this amazing children's song, I can claim the person who did write them as my sister (whom I love and admire very much).  I'm so grateful she allowed me to have a part in the creation of this song. We DID live before this life, and I'm confident that He DID know us.  Our faith and strength, our abilities and talents were all very apparent to Him, and he placed us here on earth in a most opportune way for us to search after and use those abilities and gifts. After fitting the music to these words, they have taken a place in my heart and mind and I know that all of us are on this earth, "for such a time as this". 

Here are Stacey's (the author) words and testimony regarding what inspired this song: 

"I love scriptural examples of acting in faith and Esther's story is beautiful.  Her trust in God, faith, and bravery, especially as a woman, is a story I want children to sing.  Sometimes I worry that we tell our youth they were reserved for now, that they have gifts and are exceptional without telling them why.  God has important works for them to do! Each of us has divine greatness and gifts and God gave them to us trusting that we will use them for good.  I want our children to sing this truth, feel the spirit testify of it, and fill their lives with their own acts of faith. 

Many thanks to my sister, Shari, who saw value in my scribbled chorus and encouraged and advised me, and very importantly, composed the lovely accompaniment.  She inspires me in many ways." 
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Lyrics: God knew Esther,
He planned her time of birth,
He knew her faith and strength
and sent her to the earth.
Esther had a mission,
to fulfill God's plan,
She risked her life
to save her people
from the king's command.
She felt afraid, but she chose faith and said:

"For such a time as this,
for such a time as now,
my Father gave me gifts
and He will whisper how
to be faithful and brave.
My precious spirit he saved
For such a time as this."

2nd verse:
God knows me,
He planned my time of birth,
He blessed me with good gifts
and sent me to the earth.
I have a mission,
God trusts me to fulfill,
I'll learn and use the gifts I have
He'll help me know His will!
I might feel afraid,
but I'll choose faith and say:

""For such a time as this,
for such a time as now,
my Father gave me gifts
and He will whisper how
to be faithful and brave.
My precious spirit he saved
For such a time as this."

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