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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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Song background:

I have long wanted an arrangement that molded these two doctrine-filled primary favorites together.  As a primary chorister who was asked to pick a song to teach the kids the theme, "Families are Forever", what better 2 songs could communicate that message!  

I chose the order of the verses purposefully to emphasize that making a family forever could only happen inside the temple walls that God had sanctified for that purpose.  The ending of the 1st verse states that the Lord has "shown us how [we] can" have a forever family.  The 2nd verse explains how this is done: to "covenant with my Father" in that "holy place" where we "are sealed together".  The 3rd verse emphasizes our efforts and part to receive those choice blessings: by "preparing most carefully to marry in God's temple".  I love that message so much, and did my best to capture the beauty of it in my arrangement of 2 of the sweetest primary songs ever written.  When children sing this, you will notice an extra measure of power - it was so wonderful for our program. :)

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