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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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More about AnnMarie Murdock:
I love making arrangements of hymns! They teach me so much and bring the Spirit into my home.
Song background:

I wrote this song after losing my dad. I felt empty and sad, but I know I don’t have to feel this way. Because the bittercup and tomb were empty, we don’t have to feel empty within.

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Lyrics: I feel lost, alone and afraid
I’m suff’ring from choices I have made.
His Spirit’s gone. Where do I begin?
I feel so empty, empty within.

But God’s love can heal
And God’s love can fill
The empty part of my aching heart.
He can fill the empty within.

Empty hands and empty heart.
The sting of death will not depart.
He gives and takes, making my heart break.
I feel so empty, empty within.


He drank that bittercup
He drank it all up.
Then he died on the hill
His Father’s will fulfilled.
That cup, that tomb were empty within.

And God’s love will heal
And God’s love will fill
The empty part of my aching heart.
He will heal, and He will fill the empty within.
He fills the empty within.
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