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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to David Welker!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Heaven/Celestial Kingdom
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More about David Welker:
I am a hobby classical guitarist. While I have had no formal musical theory or arranging training, I did play the trombone in the BYU Marching Band, - akin to staying at the Holiday Inn Express. I began playing the trombone at the age of 10 upon quitting guitar lessons because my mother said I had to play something. I started playing the guitar when I was 8 when I quit piano lessons after only one lesson, because basically I'm a quitter. Sadly, I was not mature enough to fully appreciate classical guitar at the time, so I quit that too and started playing the trombone in the band. I later began dabbling with other guitars, the banjo and even the mandolin. I picked classical back up after our first child was born when my wife told me my other guitars were just too noisy. So I bought a Yamaha Classical guitar at the main Yamaha store in Shibuya, Japan and tried to retrain myself. Recently a young man I worked with on my mission sent me "How Great Thou Art" which he had arranged for classical guitar. I played it back for him and he challenged me to arrange something myself and send it back. That something became "The Lord is My Shepherd"...and I am now slowly arranging some of my other favorite hymns...these are all arranged at my ZPD. I always stay true to the number of verses in the actual hymn, and try to mix things up in different verses so I don't get bored. There are some easier verses and some that I can just play. Feel free to play the whole arrangement, or just the verses you like! Recordings are done on my phone in the living room...often with some funny background noise! These are provided simply to give an idea of what I had in mind...as you can tell I'm still practicing... I have a list of songs I'm going to get to, so in the event anyone had a request I may move it up my list if it is there. If you would like a TABLATURE version of a song, please email me.
Song background:

The original poem by W.W.Phelps, "The Voice of the Prophet: Come to Me" was set to music and sung as early as December 1844.  see https://byustudies.byu.edu/content/significance-o-my-father-personal-journey-eliza-r-snow

The hymn makes a clear reference to our Mother in Heaven in the 6th verse:  "Come to me; here's the myst'ry that man hath not seen; Here's our Father in Heaven, and Mother, the Queen."

The first 4 verses are documented in History of the Church 5:254 from January 20, 1843.  The footnote explains W.W. Phelps added the last four verses following the death of the Prophet and adjusts all verses to "Come to Me."  The Hymn was published in the 1847 Manchester Hymnal clearly preceding one of my personal favorites, Eliza R Snow's  "O My Father"  in both date penned and published, further evidencing the "Mother in Heaven" doctrine origninated with Joseph Smith and was widely known in Nauvoo.

This great tune and its positive message for our post-mortal life have been lost in time, but this is the perfect time for all music lovers to suggest bringing it back as part of the ongoing survey on https://www.lds.org/music/new-music?lang=eng&cid=rdb_v_newmusic_eng .  Similar to "Praise to the Man", some lyrics might stand a little modernization.

It is presented here with the original lyrics and key.



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