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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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More about Dianne A. Blackham:
I have been a church musician. Church music callings have filled my life. I have had many callings to play the piano in Primary and Relief Society meetings and the organ in Sacrament meetings. I’ve played for funerals and firesides. I’ve been a song leader and choir director, stake and ward music chairman and special event music coordinator. I have written original songs and hymn arrangements for use in our ward, community and family. I taught children in my neighborhood violin, viola and piano lessons and hosted recitals for their performances and accompanied them in church special music offerings. The big secret is, I’m not a highly skilled musician but God has used me anyway.
Song background:


This is an invitation to Come To The Temple for the living and for the dead. When I sing this song, I feel like the angels from heaven sing it too.  
This year I visited many temples and spent time in the Celestial Rooms reading and studying from the Book of Revelations, thinking on the words, temple, patience, overcome and become. I love the lessons I learned from John, through his dreams and revelations he recorded.  
Going to the temple is the answer to overcoming this world and becoming what God wants us to be. Many of the words of "Come To The Temple" are from the lessons I learned from the seven seals mentioned in (Rev. ch. 5-8). The chorus comes from Rev. 5:12. There are so many songs in the Book of Revelations. That is why I got the idea to write this song, "Come To The Temple." I feel the invitation to come and see the temple when I read the words in the Book of Revelations by John.  
Lessons I learned from the seven seals: I see stages of attending the temple for all our many reasons. 
1) The crowning ordinance  
2) Power through peace 
3) Forgiveness of sins, when weighed and measured 
4) He feeds our souls and in death we are fed. Life is sacred. 
5) Valor in our Testimony 
6) Prepare for the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord 
7) Gathering of Israel, all nations, people, tongues with all their tribulations are invited to come to the temple. 
I love God and the lessons from the Book of Life that are shared with all his children in the Temple. 


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Lyrics: (Verse 1) <br/>Come to the temple come and see through holiness to the Lord, <br/>the pathway prepared to learn His ways. It's the fountain of the Lord. <br/>Come to the temple come and see all that you can become. <br/>The patience of Jesus Christ has come. Come to the temple, come. <br/>Come and see the crown is given. Come and see power through peace. <br/>Come and see justice and mercy through the Prince of Peace. <br/>Come and see He will feed you. Come receive His light. <br/>See salvation though the Lamb. Seek eternal life. <br/>(Verse 2) <br/>Come to the temple come and see through holiness to the Lord, <br/>the pathway prepared to live His ways. It's the mountain of the Lord. <br/>Sing the song of Celestial Glory. Seek the first fruits of Jesus Christ. <br/>Hear true and faithful words of Light from The Book of Life. <br/>The Tabernacle of Testimony is open unto heav'n <br/>and sealed within 'til life is completed and then revealed. <br/>Every nation, people, tongue, with your tribulations come. <br/>Father, mother, daughter, son, overcome and become. <br/>(Chorus) <br/>In God's kingdom all belong with prayers of saints and praise in song. <br/>Blessing and glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honor, power and might. <br/>Be unto our God forever and ever. Angels serve Him day and night. <br/>Come to the Temple, come and see through HOLINESS TO THE LORD, <br/>The work of Patience and The Perfect Day is in THE HOUSE OF THE LORD. <br/>A-men. Al-le-lu-ia!
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