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Voicing/Instrumentation: 2 part choir, Duet, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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Diligence/Commitment/Endure to End
Plan of Salvation/Premortal Life
Scriptures/Bible/Book of Mormon
Come unto Christ Mutual Theme 2014

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More about Debbie Wood:
How I love my mother, Brenda; my very first teacher in life. When I was eight, I had a desire to learn to play the piano and she began teaching me about the different notes. Then in Jr. High, my music teacher, Marvin Hill, understood the power of chords, and in one month, changed my life. Over the years, I've written different songs, both upon request, and to express the emotion I was feeling at the time. Each of these songs has a story of how it was written. (Which can also be found at www.power-plus-learning.com/debbs-music/) Each of these songs I dedicate to our loving Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know They live. I know They love us perfectly and give us gifts and talents to share with others and make this world a better place. How grateful I am to Them for all I've been blessed with.
Song background:

In 2012, while Kieth and I were working with our Young Single Adults (YSA - ages 18 to 31), I got the feeling that several of them were struggling, trying to find their way.  I sensed they may be asking themselves some of the questions many of us have asked:

     Who am I, really?  What is my purpose in life?
     What do I really believe?  What about God? 
     Is He real?  Does He care?  How can I know?

In August at Stake Conference, Pres. Doug Wilcox (our Stake President) was talking about our Savior and how He never pushed us away, but always invited us to "Come."

Pres. Wilcox used the scriptures to show where Jesus had said: "Come learn of me, " "Come follow me," and "Come unto me."  His words touched me deeply and I could see answers to the above questions contained in these three phrases. I pondered on this for some time and then the lyrics for the song "Come" was written over a couple of days and completed September 2, 2012.

(Sorry for this midi .mp3 - it makes it seem like this song has no feeling, pauses or slowing of any kind. I hope to do a better recording, but for now this will give you an idea of how it sounds.)

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Lyrics: 1. Like King Lamoni's father <br/> I've wondered about God. <br/> Is He there? or Does He care? <br/> Is there an iron rod? <br/> Does God know and love me? <br/> Will He forgive my sins? <br/> I want to know, I want to grow, <br/> but where do I begin? <br/> <br/>(And He says... <br/> "Come! Come learn of me. <br/> I know you don't remember who I am. <br/> But if you come and learn of me, <br/> In time, you'll know and come to understand.") <br/> <br/>2. Sometimes I feel like Alma. <br/> Rebellious in my youth. <br/> I want to change and rearrange <br/> my life to live the truth. <br/> Want to remove the shackles; <br/> Feel freedom from within; <br/> I want to serve, help others learn, <br/> but where do I fit in? <br/> <br/>(And He says... <br/> "Come! Come follow me. <br/> Come do the things you see and hear me do. <br/> And if you come and follow me <br/> You'll feel My peace grow deep inside of you.") <br/>3. I'll give my life in service. <br/> Will not let my light dim. <br/> Covenants I'll make and will not <br/> break; My life belongs to Him. <br/> I'll remain true and faithful! <br/> A warrior I will be. <br/> Obey exactly, matter factly <br/> love will come from me; <br/> <br/>(So He'll say... <br/> "Come! Come unto Me. <br/> You've chosen to obey and <br/> become one; <br/> so I say Come! Come unto Me. <br/> Come home, my child, and with a <br/> job well done! <br/> <br/>Yes, He'll say, "Come! Come unto me. <br/>You've lived your life to do as I have <br/> done; <br/>So I say Come! Come unto me. <br/>You're home, my child, the two of us are one. Welcome Home!"
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