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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Mary Higginbotham Jones!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SA, Duet, Young Women Voices, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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Related song categories are:
Plan of Salvation/Premortal Life
Primary with Choir or Adults
Simplified Arrangement/Easy Play

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More about Mary Higginbotham Jones:
Mary Higginbotham Jones passed away early in May of 2001 after a long battle with an illness that left her in daily pain. In her short 39 years, on this earth, she wanted nothing more than to raise a large and faithful family and serve other people. Mary was an accomplished pianist who chose to be a mother of nine children rather than to pursue higher education. Through the years, she performed most of her service in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from behind the piano. She found pleasure in writing sacred music and sharing her music and talent with all who needed her. Mary had a style that touched eternity. Her music penetrates the heart. In 1993, Mary's father, Ronald B. Higginbotham, encouraged Mary and her sisters to record her music at Jim Brady Recording Studios in Tucson, AZ. In December of 2002, about a year and a half after Mary's passing, Mary's family went back to the same recording studio and recorded the rest of her music. The MP3 recordings contain music from both recordings. Her family also published a book, that we are now sharing freely for non-commercial use, via the internet. We hope that you will be touched as you listen to Mary's beautiful music.
Song background:

Written in 2000 for Mary's daughter Elise, for her baptism.  Arranged by Mary's brother Ronald Joseph Higginbotham in 2001.  Recorded in 2002, sung by Mary's daughters and accompanied by Kelli Jones.

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