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Voicing/Instrumentation: SA

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Comments for this piece:
From Justin K. Reeve: This is an absolutely lovely song!
5.0 stars.

More about Connie Stauffer:
I was raised in Thatcher, Utah, a small town west of Tremonton on the north end of the state. Home is where I enjoy being the most. If I leave, it is usually for something very important. To relax or to waste a few minutes, I gravitate to my piano. My favorite thing to do is to turn out the lights when I'm alone and play to my heart's content. This is one way I find ideas for music. Another place where I've gotten more than a few ideas is when I've been exercising, whether it's walking the trails of Alpine, or riding my road bike. I think about my life and the issues of the day while walking, and those moments frequently end with music rattling through my head. I have a husband, five children and twelve grandchildren - all of whom are the light of my life. I'd rather be with any one of them than just about anything. However, I do enjoy my solitude, which is probably why the hobby of writing music has been so appealing to me. My mother was my music teacher until she said I had outgrown her. I then took from a wonderful lady who helped shape me. Oh how I would love to have a sit-down visit with her. She probably knows me better than anyone, as she was there as I was in the process of becoming. I've been blessed with a husband who is the wind beneath my wings. He's made every possible sacrifice to encourage my music - whether just enjoying playing or writing. Were it not for his support, there is no way I could take it to the level where I can share it. The music on this site is music from my heart over the past 38+ years. It has been my solace through hard times and my joy through the good times. Much of it was "unsolicited" by me; it just came. Some of it has come through assignments or good people trusting me with their lyrics. All of it has been a miracle in my own eyes, as it was not something for which I was trained. My fingers somehow knew how to produce what was rattling through my head and by brute force it has found its way to paper. I hope you will enjoy it and let me know how you are using it. My website has much of what is here plus a lot of songs that do not fall into the "Sacred Music" genre. Feel free to visit it. I love suggestions and comments!
Song background:

This song was written for a 1985 Stake Relief Society Birthday celebration in Orem, Utah. The lyrics were written by Sharon Reese. We collaborated on several musical numbers. 

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Lyrics: And she shall be called woman,
Gracious, beloved and divine.
The works of her hands describe her.
She'll be known through all of time.
Strength and honor are her clothing.
Only kindness bespeaks her tongue.
She lives a full life of service.And rejoices in time to come.

And she shall be called women
From man in his image came she.
Her life full of love and compassion
has its place in eternity.
Has its place in eternity.

The Lord will bring her comfort.
Faith and hope a crown that she wears.
Her flame of love keep burning bright.
Given shelter to human cares.
As a counselor, she speaks with wisdom.
As a mother, her love is sublime.
Her children raise up and call her blessed.
Her mission unique and divine.

And she shall be called woman.
Loved by her Father above.
Known by her deeds of charity.
She is filled with her Father's love.
She is filled with her Father's love.

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