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More about Kelli McDowell:
I have loved music since I was little. I learned to play the piano, just so I would have someone to accompany me while I sang. I woud spend my free time as a child in my room listening to soundtracks and conducting an imaginary orchestra. Music is still my favorite past time and my favorite way to feel everything! And music is my favorite way to draw closer to God. Writing and arranging music brings me so much joy and I'm excited to share.
Song background:

I wrote this song shortly after my sister-in-law joined the church.  She had so many questions!  More than we could answer, but I promised if she was just patient the answers would eventually come.  Sometimes we just have to search, wonder, and wait.  And no matter how much we want to hurry, eventually the Lord will give us all that he has.  But it does require our faith, and giving all that we have.

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