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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Related song categories are:
Diligence/Commitment/Endure to End
Eternal Life/Exaltation
Heaven/Celestial Kingdom

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More about Laurel Frost:
I write hymn texts and then collaborate with experienced composers or adapt age-old tunes in the public domain to fit my lyrics.
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Lyrics: All creation doth rev’rence Thy majesty, Lord, <br/>For the stars and the sun and the moon <br/>Sing in praise to Thy name with the heavenly choir, <br/>As the planets revolve to the tune. <br/> <br/>Tow’ring mountains flow down at a blast of Thy breath; <br/>Quiet valleys heave up at Thy nod. <br/>Stormy seas become calm with a glance of Thine eye; <br/>Mother earth kneels before Thee, her God. <br/> <br/>What is man? He is less than the dust of the earth, <br/>For the dust never fails to obey; <br/>Yet Thy work and Thy glory is nurturing men <br/>To be heirs in Thy kingdom one day. <br/> <br/>I will follow Thy course, as the sun and the moon; <br/>I will rush to obey, as the sea. <br/>I will bend to Thy will, as Thy handiwork does, <br/>That I, too, may bring glory to Thee. <br/> <br/>
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