Quote: "The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads." D&C 25:12
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This page describes a way for you to create or edit your songs on our site by yourself.  You can add links back to your own website (if you happen to have one--you don't need one!) and/or upload sheet music files and recording files [see footnote 1 if you have your own website].  If you need a login please go here to create one.

You have two options for how you enter your song.  Songs are classified as either "arrangements" of an existing song (like a hymn arrangement) or as original compositions [see footnote 2 if neither of these options quite matches your song]:

Thank you for all your help in uploading pieces, without your help, we'd just be overloaded!

New arrangement pieces:

To add a new piece on this site that is your arrangement of an existing hymn, primary song, or other well known song (or medley), click here.

New original pieces:

To add a new piece on this site that is an original piece (original music and lyrics), click here.

Editing existing pieces:

To edit/update a song of yours already in our system, first make sure you're logged in by clicking here.  Second, use your browser and navigate to your piece's normal page on the site (the page that shows the pdf's).  Third, there will now be a new link in the upper left hand of that song's page that says "edit"--click it.  There is also a link in the upper right hand to delete it, if desired.

Edit your bio:

You can edit your login/password/bio/profile by looking for instructions here.


If this all is too daunting for you, you can always email your compositions to us as email with pdf/mp3 email attachments, we'll do the rest (though it might take us a while to get around to it!).  Thanks!

Any feedback/suggestions for improvement to this upload process is quite welcome! Any questions, please ask us by clicking here!  Want to link to "pay" songs that cost money? Ask us about that too, we're looking for beta testers.

[1] If you have your own site, you can either create "just links" back to your site or create links back to your site *and* upload the pdf's to ours.  The benefits of adding pdf's to our site (even if you have them on your own) is that it serves as a backup, if your site goes offline ever, and also it is an easier browsing experience for our users (since they can follow along to the sheet music while playing the recordings, and don't have to navigate between websites).  We also record statisticst of people viewing your songs on our site, which may be helpful to you.  The benefit of not uploading pdf's to our site (if you have your own) is that it drives more traffic to your site, in the end the decision is up to you, we just like it if you upload pdf's :)

[2] If your song is original/new music to an existing song (a rather tricky case for our system to handle), or original lyrics to an existing tune, enter it as an arrangement, and also check the "original" checkbox tag underneath "song attributes."  Then save it, then change the title to the something like "original song name (new music)" or whatever applies  If yours is an arrangement but not of a hymn or well known song (for instance, an arrangement of a friend's song), enter it as original and mention the corresponding composer/lyricist of the original in your song's description. (new site)