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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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More about Amy J. van Dyk:
I am wife to Gerrit and mother to my 5 wonderful children! I substitute teach in my local schools and am loving it! I love to write and arrange music whenever I have the chance and am grateful I am able to share it with you!
Song background:

I wrote this song for my sweet Mr. Do when we were getting ready for another surgery on his cleft lip.

I dedicate the song to him, to all kids born with clefts, and to their parents who love them and think they are perfect in every way.


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Lyrics: We went in to find out: boy or a girl.
We saw your hands, we saw your heart, and heard it beat.
But then they told us the news that would change your world:
Your precious smile was incomplete.

But, you are complete to me.
You have a beautiful smile.
This change that they say you need,
I want to hold off a while.
For you are complete to me, my child.

Then came the day that you were born,
We saw your face, we saw your smile, it was so sweet.
The doctors told us we needed to fix it soon,
Your precious smile was incomplete.

I said, “He looks complete to me.
He has a beautiful smile.
This change that you say he needs,
I want to hold off a while.
For he is complete to me, he’s my child.

But now that we’re through it,
I guess that I knew it
Would be the best for you.
But from my point of view:

You are complete to me.
You’ve always been a beautiful child.
The change that they said you needed,
I wanted to wait a while,
Maybe forever,
For you are complete to me, my child.
My child.
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