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Voicing/Instrumentation: SSA

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Song background:

The idea for this song came at the 2000 BYU Women's Conference. I was sitting in the Marriot Center looking around at the thousands of LDS sisters all around me, and I just sat in awe as I thought of all we had in common as sisters. I felt compelled to write this song. I collaborated with Susan Noyes Anderson, who wrote these beautiful words. It was written intended for a larger choir with a soloist over the top on the final chorus.)

Women of God (by Lindy Kerby)

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Lyrics: The lyrics for this song were written by Susan Noyes Anderson <br/> <br/>Lyrics: <br/>Soloist: <br/>Surrounded by my sisters, <br/>I remember who I am. <br/>The spirit of this gathering <br/>recalls our Father?s plan, <br/>presented by a Brother <br/>in heav?nly courts above; <br/>and we were there as we are here <br/>to feel His perfect love. <br/> <br/>(Chorus)- Choir <br/>Women of God, united for now and evermore... <br/>our voices raised in tribute to a King. <br/>and we will stand, hand in hand, <br/>together, bold and true. <br/>He has given us a mighty work to do. <br/>In this life, we have a mighty work to do. <br/> <br/>We're mothers and we're daughters; <br/>we are sisters, wives and friends. <br/>Our calling is a sacred one, <br/>for life is in our hands. <br/>We're reaching out for virtue, <br/>and when our hearts are pure <br/>we bless the lives of others <br/>with a love that can endure. <br/> <br/>The words we use are not the same; <br/>we come from many lands, <br/>and yet we speak a language <br/>every Sister understands <br/>of faith and hope and charity, <br/>of life before our birth, <br/>of service and compassion, <br/>and a purpose here on earth. <br/> <br/>(Chorus) <br/> <br/>The gifts we bring are varied. <br/>Some have many, others few. <br/>But each of us has what she needs <br/>to see her mission through. <br/>We'll stand with the believers; <br/>the gospel we will share, <br/>and we will sing the song of truth <br/>to people ev'rywhere.
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