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Voicing/Instrumentation: 2 part choir, Primary Children/Primary Solo, Trio

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Primary with Choir or Adults

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More about Dean H. Hamill:
Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar Performance, secondary emphasis in composition; Master of Music degree. Taught music courses at several colleges. Creator of the first comprehensive video guitar lessons, Guitar Now! with Dean Hamill. director of various choirs throughout Southern California and Oregon.
Song background:

Enjoyable Christmas song for Children unison and Adult 2-part combined choirs accompanied on piano and a real crowd pleaser.  Children sing all unison in an excited and animated part asking questions about the birth of the Christ child. These alternate with the adults singing a more subdued two part section, calmly answering the questions posed by the children.  The accompaniment helps drive the energy of this piece.  This is ideal for church Christmas programs.  It is an easy learn for all parts with each verse musically the same except verse four that introduces some changes with all voices combined.  Duration approximately 2 min. 15 sec.  (NOTE - the attached audio file skips verse 3.)  If you perform it, please give it a rating here on SMPPress.com.  You may contact me at dean.hamill@hushmail.com.

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Lyrics: (Children Sing:)
Why were the angels singing, Father, Mother? Why did the angels sing tonight? Why were the angels singing "Alleluia"? What message did they bring? What words did they recite?
(Adults sing:)
Fear not, I bring you tidings of great joy. Our Savior, our Savior is born this night.
(Children sing:)
Why is a new star shining, Father, Mother? Was does the new star shine so bright? What can it's meaning be to those who follow? See how it lights the sky and shines toward earth tonight.
(Adults sing:)
Wonders and signs shall witness of His birth. Our Savior, our Savior is born this night.
(Children sing:)
Who is this new born baby, Father, Mother? Why does he lie in manger bed? Why do the shepherds worship and adore him? See how the baby sleeps and gently rests his head?
(Adults sing:)
He is God's son, Messiah come to earth. Our Savior, our Savior is born this night.
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