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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Chad Staten!

Voicing/Instrumentation: SAB, Organ/Organ Accompaniment

We also have other 1 arrangement of "We Listen to a Prophet's Voice".

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More about Chad Staten:
<PLEASE NOTE: I am migrating over to my own website. Please visit chadstatenmusic.com for access to more materials. Thanks!> Chad (Staten rhymes with Dayton) started on the violin in third grade in Logan, UT. At the age of eight, he sang in a stake primary children's choir at the Logan Tabernacle. This first real encounter with the organ deeply impressed him, and cemented in his mind a desire to play the organ. After his family moved to Beeville, a small town 60 miles from anywhere in south Texas during fifth grade, he switched to the piano because of limited orchestra resources in town. Chad was called to be a ward organist and choir accompanist starting in high school, and has served in those positions almost continuously ever since. He was an Organ Performance and Pedagogy major at BYU, where he studied with Richard Elliott, and played harpsichord and other instruments in the Early Music Ensemble under the direction of Doug Bush. He currently serves as a Guest Organist on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Chad loves to compose, particularly for choir and organ. To support his music addiction, he works as an airline pilot and enjoys playing many different pipe organs at various destinations in the United States and Canada. Please take a moment to let me know if you have enjoyed or found useful anything I have posted here. And of course, please tell me if you find any errors!
Song background:

We Listen to a Prophet's Voice

Please visit my new website chadstatenmusic.com for access to this piece and much more!

This setting (not actually free, but a very favorable price) was "commissioned" by my wife, the ward choir director, in anticipation of the 2018 October General Conference. We performed it in our Sacrament Service this morning. The entire stake presidency was in attendance. It was very well-received! You might consider using it in your own branch/ward/stake prior to the next General Conference.

As is my normal practice, I have written this arrangment with the goal to be easy, but not sound easy, straddling the fine line between easy enough for less experienced singers, but interesting enough to keep the attention of more accomplished singers. Many units have difficulty finding enough men to sing 4-part harmony. As such, I have scored it for Soprano, Alto, and Baritone. The last verse is in unison, one whole step (D) above the original hymnal key (C). It will be a bit of a stretch for some of the lowest voices, but it is do-able!

I am including a wide assortment of files for your ease of use, depending on how you want to introduce this piece to your choir. Feel free to download all of them. Otherwise, look carefully at the filenames to try to discern the one(s) you want. For the performance, there is no reason you could not use the Voice part for the choir. It is a single page, front and back, keeping your costs low. The primary full score is SAB + Organ accompaniment. Organ is very much preferred. In a departure from my tradition, I recognize that an organ(ist) is not always available, and so I have provided a second full score with piano accompaniment! Please note that the piano is NOT to be used with the organ. It's either/or -- not both! Finally, for the convenience of the accompanist at performance time (probably not for rehearsal because the director will most likely refer to the text vs. measure numbers and rehearsal marks), I have also included Organ and Piano parts to eliminate the need for page turns.

By the way, though this is an SAB arrangement, there is no reason it cannot be used as a solo! A (tenor) member of the Tabernacle Choir presented this as a vocal solo in his ward on September 23, and it worked really well.

I am including three recordings. Because I don't have a 24-voice choir and recording studio at my disposal, my recording options are severely limited.

  1. First is a live organ-only (Hereford Cathedral Organ sample played via Hauptwerk) recording to give you some idea of how it might really sound. Verses 1 and 2 feature "simulated" singers (unison only -- no parts on verse 2) with the 8' Tromba stop on the organ. You already know the tune, and since it's unison, Verse 3 omits the voice part so you can hear the descant played on the wonderful 8' Tuba.
  2. Second is a computer-generated audio file with "organ" and "singers." I can't change stops with the canned "organ" sound, so you get what you get.
  3. Third is the same, but with the piano accompaniment.

I really hope you will enjoy this setting! Please let me know if you use it. I don't get paid for most of my arrangements, but I appreciate your financial support on this one. Thank you!

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