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Voicing/Instrumentation: Choir Unison, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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More about Jonathan Gill Thwaits:
Taking on every opportunity to testify of the gospel of Jesus Christ through music, Jonathan is serving as Primary singing time accompanist and previously served as the Primary chorister. He has been singing in ward choirs since a youth, influenced and guided by his dedicated musical mother through the formative years. While he loves to spend time playing many different instruments, most of his experience has been in vocal groups. From ages 9 through 12 he traveled and performed around the Western United States and Eastern Europe as a member of the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus. Moving on from there he participated in the Arizona High School All-State Choir three times before going on to sing in college choirs and to study music theory and composition for two years at The University of Arizona. While raising four children with his wife Marisa, he started a career as an electrical engineer in the semiconductor industry after getting a Master’s degree from Arizona State University. Leading up to this technical career he worked various jobs including delivery driver, piano mover, piano tuner, airport taxi driver, and school bus driver; but through all of these occupations and transitions, music has been a constant in his life as he has been blessed with time in his schedule to write, record, and perform musically on countless occasions. As a composer he has worked on projects ranging in style from jazz, to pop and rock but is now fulfilling a lifelong goal to apply his musical talents to create sacred themed music and to progress the work of God on earth.
Song background:
This is a rousing anthem for the youth to raise spirits and create unity around the recent charge from the prophet to join the youth battalion! In the style of a dignified march, this song has a moving feel and a memorable upbeat melody to compliment the lyrics which refer to the gathering of Israel and joining together to testify to the world of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Best suited for a chorus of youth. The selection is for unison voice and piano or keyboard accompaniment and contains 3 verses. It was a true joy to compose this song, from the early ideas of melody and lyrics I have been filled with excitement and am very pleased with the end result and I hope it will help to strengthen and uplift others. Recording/Video available to listen at YouTube channel JGT Sacred Music



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Lyrics: We’ve come to heed the prophet’s call <br/>We rise to join the youth battalion <br/>With faith and love we spread the word to all <br/>We testify in strength <br/>The task before us is not small <br/>It is the gathering of Israel <br/>We are the daughters and the sons of God <br/>In these the latter days <br/>The youth battalion, the youth battalion, the youth battalion marching for the Lord <br/>From all the corners of the earth <br/>Our voices rising up together <br/>As one we testify of Jesus Christ <br/>The savior of the world <br/>We bring an offering sincere <br/>To live according to the gospel <br/>Proclaim the message of eternal life <br/>Our voices will be heard <br/>The youth battalion, the youth battalion, the youth battalion marching for the Lord <br/>So come with us in this great work <br/>There is a place for you among us <br/>In faith our weakness will become our strength <br/>By His redeeming hand <br/>Now in the fields across the earth <br/>We are to reap what God has planted <br/>In building up the kingdom of the Lord <br/>United now we stand <br/>The youth battalion, the youth battalion, the youth battalion marching for the Lord.
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