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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Lyrics Julie Ann Keyser, arranged by Lindy Kerby!

Voicing/Instrumentation: 2 part choir, Primary Children/Primary Solo, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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Children's Songs
Savior/Jesus Christ
Primary with Choir or Adults
Stand in Holy Places Mutual Theme 2013

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More about Lyrics Julie Ann Keyser, arranged by Lindy Kerby:
Julie Ann Keyser is a songwriter who has been blessed to write and collaborate with many of the best in LDS music. She is a past co-coordinator for the Utah Chapter of NSAI, past President of LDSMusicians, past judge for Colgate Country Showdown, and has helped in various music and songwriting workshops for over 20 years. Julie loves the Lord and writing songs that reflect her unique outlook on life, The gospel message, Jesus, and our collective journey.
Song background:

When President Hinckley first announced the church was going to build a second temple, in South Jordan, Utah, Julie felt the most incredible impression lay upon her heart to go write a song for the occasion.  At the time, Julie lived with in a mile of the proposed temple site.  She rejoiced as the Oquirrh Mountain Temple was built and literally became a blessing for her to see everyday out the back window of her home.  As she began to write what she was certain would be a hymn for the upcoming temple dedication, she instead discovered the words to a new children's song emerge.  A song that had children singing about the day they would enter the Temple doors and a verse recognizing the great reverence of the adults who now serve there.  So powerful was the impressions, and inspiration for simple counter melodies that moved upon her, that she has never felt she wrote it alone but with the assistance of heaven.

Thanks to her dear friend Lindy Kerby, herself an amazing songwriter and arranger, they were able to collaborate together and submit the song for the 2009 Church Music Competition, for which they received a Special Recognition.  The Temple Doors, has been loved by children and adults around the world, but has a special place in the hearts of the children and adults who first sang it for two special fireside services prior to the dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  May the simple but powerful song, bring you closer to Christ and a love for His Holy House!

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Lyrics: Children's verse and chorus:

Reverently I'll walk through, quietly I'll speak, one day in the house of the Lord

Prayerfully I'll ponder, His knowledge I'll seek, when I enter the Temple Doors

In the Temple I'll make sacred covenants

Promises I'll keep with the Lord

To walk in His light and choose the right

When I enter the Temple doors

Adults verse and chorus (verse has different melody):

Reverently and quietly I serve in the House of the Lord

I ponder deep and softly speak as when I enter the Temple doors

In the temple I've made sacred covenants

Promises I keep with the Lord

To follow His light and choose the right

When I enter the Temple Doors
(Adults repeat their verse as children sing their chorus, all ending on "When I enter the Temple Door
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